review guidelines

All reviews will be attributed - so you need to fill in all the boxes on the form (it won't 'send' if you don't).

We're declaring this a star-free zone because we want people to look in detail at what works for you rather than just skim.

All reviews will be moderated - which means that offensive language or comments that we consider to be willfully destructive will be removed. We will always consult with the writer before posting an edited review or comment.

If you're unsure how to structure your comments perhaps the following might help: start by letting your readers know what they will see and hear on the stage; describe what you think the intentions of the company are in producing the piece (programme notes or reference to the website might help you here); describe what worked successfully; perhaps suggest what could have been even better; finish with a reason why people will want to rush off to buy a ticket for the next performance!

Of course you can review something you hated but, even so, try to work out the company's intentions and whether there is an audience that will enjoy the piece even if you didn't!

We hope these notes are helpful and look forward to publishing your reviews.

"It brought tears to my eyes. Magic and real which if you think about it is an amazing achievement. (Unless magic is real, I think some is. I think you proved that!)

Go you guys!"