Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016


Pilot's Thumb

drama - whodunit
age 12+  

45 mins

Louise is gregarious and popular. Louise is also pregnant, and has mixed feelings about the father but is determined to have HER baby. Louise disappears!

Paul is a loner. Paul is odd. But Paul is likeable.

A strange relationship? Attraction of opposites ? Or is it a matter of convenience?

A psychological drama which sees Paul grilled by Press and Police and Louise speaking from…? Combined with a touching exploration of their unusual friendship.

Deadline is realised through a strong narrative told by these two subtle and at times contradictory characters focused on what does Paul know about Louise’s disappearance combined with relentless police interrogation and merciless tabloid exposure.

Pilot’s Thumb Theatre known for their edgy social drama combined with strong narratives, organic characters and pithy humour have been astounding audiences since their inception in 2009. Not only because of the range of issues they have tackled: Protest, Insomnia, Euthanasia…but also because of their original use of various theatrical genres.

Deadline is no exception; Press and Police intrusion are explored through symbolism, stream of consciousness, intense interrogation, press barracking from the audience and projection.

Much depends on what happened during that walk back from the pub. Who was the witness? And what about the doctor? Come along and make up your own mind.

"...powerful, thought provoking and punchy...You are guaranteed to leave the theatre feeling inspired and attempting to figure out who killed Louise, or if she is in fact dead!"
Express and Echo, Exeter