Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

Beyond the Frontline

Yo Yo Dance Company

Beyond the Frontline performed by Yo Yo Dance Company captured society’s struggle coping with the emotional aftermath of WWI. This performance is beautifully choreographed, the combination of stylistic movement, projection and interaction with the set and costume allowed the audience to empathise and relate with the characters stories. The trio present the consequences of war surrounding the men in their lives who had gone off to fight. Alongside their individual stories they incorporate both canon and unison movements representing the many similarities between the troubles they are facing.

Stands with semi-transparent pieces of stretched gauze with handwritten letters, had videos and photographs projected onto them. The clever use of interaction and movement of the set allowed for emotional moments to be conveyed. It also displayed the importance of the words that they had received from their men at war.

Use of voice over effectively set the scene and provided a clear context for the audience, initiating the emotional connection that would be developed.

Due to the fluidity and complexity of their movements alongside the ongoing music which varied in intensity, pace and volume, the absence of speech was hardly noticed as each story was communicated physically, whilst actively involving the audience in the events occurring on stage.
Tasmin Sargeant, The Daily Fringe