Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015


White Hippos productions

A one-man show that looks at the world around you and sees the extraordinary in the ordinary. We have long been told stories of superheroes who possess unique powers that allow them to save the day. Yet instead of revelling in tales from the Marvel Universe, Tall refocuses our attention back to our own. This performance is pure and exciting storytelling. With an intimate setting you are invited to imagine the world of Tall and his friend Karl Friendship. For some of you this may be easier than others, as the familiarity of places such as East-the-Water helps to build up the vibrant world. It even has the effect of including you in it when you recognise the exact route taken around college in the kart race or the one plotted on the Etch A Sketch; nonetheless, if you are not familiar with these places, the scenes are well set and you will not be left feeling lost. Like Captain America being defrosted, being taken from past to present at each changing scene can sometimes leave you feeling a bit unsure just how old Tall and his sidekicks are; but rest assured this makes very little impact on the excitement that is their adventures. Frankly I am a little jealous! As a whole it is refreshing to see a humorous and optimistic outlook on childhood and adulthood. Ultimately we all have our powers and we are all in some way heroic and his power is Tall.
The Daily Fringe