Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

No Unpleasant Bending

Whittall & Green

A musical production that mixes outstanding audience interaction with well written songs, No Unpleasant Bending has an upbeat humour that is infectious from the first to the last note. Going so far as to actually lead the audience into the venue, Green & Whithall bring so much energy to their performance that they get viewers out of their seats to really become part of the act rather than just passive observers. There are some pauses in-between the songs, and while in any other production this might have been detrimental to the pacing and rhythm of the performance, No Unpleasant Bending maintains its momentum by keeping the music constant from start to finish, and even if it does tilt more towards background music than a main attraction, this is still preferable to having an awkward silence in the interludes.  The lighting during the performance was also really well handled, because although it wasn’t very noticeable given the attention-absorbing main performance, it also didn’t distract from the singing either. The placement of the lights directly opposite the audience could have become frustrating if it had been brighter or if it had been placed at eye level, but the layout in the venue dodged this potential annoyance very well.  The funny and unconventional songs would have been entertaining enough on their own, but with the addition of the superb interaction with the audience, the performance becomes so much better. In short, the experience of viewing  No Unpleasant Bending can be summarised in three words: lots of fun.
George Chapman, The Daily Fringe