Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

The Open Couple

TicTac Theatre

Tic Tac theatre presents the trials and tribulations of a couple fighting to be together and apart at the same time. The Open Couple invite the audience the audience into the production to see both sides of their strained relationship. With a minimal set and costume this performance focuses on the couple’s witty exchanges when deciding how to progress as Husband and Wife. The result of which is to have an open relationship; an arrangement that at first seems to benefit the husband more than the wife. However, the tables do turn and we see a poignant role reversal.

The acting within this performance was superb. A mixture of still images and exaggerated movements made for hilarious encounters that were bound to be troublesome for both characters. The breaking of the fourth wall allows us as an audience to gain a deeper insight to the couple, the wife would often stop the action to express her thoughts on the scene only to be interrupted by her husband with a correction and vice versa, they would then decide to act out the scene for us to make up our own minds. This to and fro created an unrelenting pace keeping the audience engaged and on their toes as to what could possibly happen next!

Ultimately what we see in this performance is the complexity of two characters who obviously care for one another yet want things to be different. Overall the performance was executed with precision, comedic timing and chemistry between characters.
Clarice Baker, The Daily Fringe