Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

Generation We

Sam & Lucy

Sam and Lucy are back for their second year with the same youthful energy, but with a new story to share. Generation We is a contemporary dance piece looking at relationships.

The relationship between the two dancers was very strong. They work together really well. The moments of unison in their duets were immaculately timed. The skill of Sam & Lucy is evident in the smooth and ostensibly effortless moments of contact and transfer of weight. They made the whole piece look very easy, despite the fact that we were watching what is clearly a very skilled piece of choreography.

There is some spoken word, but it is minimal. Instead memories are shared primarily through the movement. You will see them dance about people who were/are important to them and they share a little of themselves as they do so. You are guided through the different relationships by props such as an item of clothing or a change in music. I loved how each also brought about a change in the movement.

I think part of the appeal in this piece is its accessibility. They share something common to us all and interpret it into movement. The degree of abstraction changes, but there was no mistaking the ‘Dad dancing’ and the thrill of trying on a grown-up's dress or shoes and making the skirt ‘fly’ or the heels ‘clomp’.

Go and see 'Generation We'. This is a really lovely piece, danced confidently and professionally. I enjoyed it very much and it seems that everyone who has seen the piece, has had nothing but praise to give.
The Daily Record