Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

Still or Sparkling?

PIDGE Theatre

A beautifully crafted exploration into the depths of water and its importance!

What struck me was the intimacy of the piece. Intensely personal recollections interspersed with facts, combined with the close performance space, made for an incredibly intimate performance. The facts were well researched and cleverly worked into the performance; you did not feel “drowned”(!) by the information. The knowledge of both the performers was evident, and was made more interesting to us by their own engagement with it.

The overarching circular structure to the piece complemented the content perfectly. The water cycle, the circle of life, and the repetitive nature of the piece fit seamlessly in performance, and took us on a beautiful journey with them. The simplicity of the set was also highly effective, as well as interjecting moments of humour into the piece.

The speed of the piece was controlled well by the performers; the speech could be slow at times, but it was broken by sudden bursts of energy. This juxtaposition was a theme used throughout the piece that worked very well, the ping-pong of energy and speech between the actresses never left us bored, and the sudden change from geographical information to personal recollection drew us in to each performers individual story.

As I already said, the intimacy was what made the performance for me. The direct address to the audience, and humorous comments made us feel like old friends. Also evident in the piece was the close friendship between the performers, and the moments of connection between them were beautiful.
The Daily Fringe