Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015


Once upon a Parachute

Defrosted is brilliant family entertainment, full of laughs and surprises. As the name suggests, there were clear references to a certain very popular Disney film – Frozen, which I am sure everyone can enjoy singing along to, kids and grown-ups alike! The way that it was written really involved the children, from pantomime style “it’s behind you!” quips, to full sing-a-longs, and getting them up on stage to perform with them.

The way that both performers were able to engage so easily and effectively really demonstrated their skill and passion for the work they have created. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and they soon had us all laughing along with them. They cleverly integrated props into the piece to the children’s absolute delight, and combined acting with puppetry, further enhancing the highly entertaining performance.

Their engagement with the audience on a personal level was also brilliant. They were speaking to the children before the show began and included things that they had told them, such as what they had had for lunch that day, as anecdotes during the performance. This drew the children further into the action.

Their direct address style of performance also worked brilliantly for the children, and the amount of participation from the children meant they were totally engaged throughout the journey Once Upon a Parachute took us all on. I would highly recommend this performance to all family Fringers; definitely something that your children will really enjoy!
Veronique Veillet