Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

Lyrically Minded

Mishmash Productions

I thought the production was very good and absolutely captured the 4.00 angst which all of us at some time or another, some more than others, have experienced.

Some things can be dealt with, binned and forgotten but the unfinished business which cannot be neatly filed or binned remains to be shuffled from one pile to another remaining on the to do list and always lurking in the background. The mulling over time gone by and the course life has taken, the desperate search for peace. Is it to be found in prayer, meditation or in belief that if I do A,B and C all will be well? The acceptance that what we do affects not only us but everyone we come into contact with and so we all affect each other.

I guess we will all have our own interpretation of the sweets, mine would be the desire to make people feel good, to sweeten life. Similarly with the other characters, the girl drawing on top of an already painted canvass would be the continually changing backdrop of our lives, the man the questioning voice in our minds. Ah yes, always the questioning but not always the answers.

You have a gift for writing poetry and I enjoyed listening to the parts expressed in that form very much. A brave and excellent performance. Well done.
Stella Ansell


Lyrically Minded is a spoken word performance from Mishmash Productions that explores, through well written poetry, the complex ideas of love, truth and relativity. From the offset the audience gets a feel for the emotional confusion and anxiety that is afflicting the main character, with the moments of uncertainty in between each reading being just as intriguing and revealing as the poems themselves. The benefit of this more balanced structure, rather than one that was exclusively poetry based, was that the performance kept a consistent tone and pace rather than stopping and starting with each new poem. Although each one fits the core themes in their own unique way, the sheer literary diversity on display meant that there was something to please every audience member, and had there been an opportunity, there is no doubt that each one would have ended with applause. However there were some small issues that detracted from the performance. The lighting and seating arrangement didnít work so well because it made viewing a little strained at times, but with the near constant movement of the performers this was mollified somewhat. Another issue which was dealt with surprisingly well was some late arrivals to the performance, which was a little distracting, but because it was handled really quickly there was no real change or disruption to the flow of the performance. To summarise, Lyrically Minded is a well rounded and compelling production that has something positive for every audience member to take away with them.
George Chapman, The Daily Fringe


A tour de Force was given at at St Annes Arts Centre by Bryony Chave-Cox in what was essentially a superb one woman show called Lyrically Minded.

With an odd assortment of props and poems littered on the floor she engaged her, ' Whats the Story' 'Whats the truth' quite flawlessly with her audience. Not once during an hour and twenty minutes did she flag or loose her impetus. As a naturally gifted performer it was a 'Joy' to watch, -her middle name being very appropriate! Bryony has a rare talent for shifting the dynamic of a poem or a story yet keeping her listeners with her. Her performance appeared quite effortless which I am sure it wasn't, in a hot room under hot lights.

If her intention was also to keep her audience guessing as to quite which way she was heading but leaving clues along the way, then she certainly achieved a hit! It was a one way conversation beautifully constructed.
Hugo Steere, Poet