Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

Mr Merrick, The Elephant Man

Lucky Dog Theatre Productions

Mr Merrick, The Elephant Man is a Lucky Dog Theatre production that tells the true story of Joseph Carey Merrick and his relationship with his doctor Frederick Treves.

Through the course of the show the two skilful performers generate a powerful emotional response in their audience without ever becoming too elaborate or over dramatic, in fact the more subdued approach makes the unfolding drama seem more genuine because they allow the real tragedy to shine through. It is this sense of authenticity that makes The Elephant Man particularly effective.

It is not just the performances that shine; props help paint the picture of Mr Merrick's life, the sound track immerses the audience in the Victorian world and the creative use of a projector brings a great deal of character development. Sadly there was technical drawback to trying to cram so much into a small space: the projection of some of the music & sound was at times too quiet for the audience to pick up on and at other times loud enough to be very distracting from what was taking place.

However when you get past these technical glitches Mr Merrick, The Elephant Man could be considered one of the finest pieces of theatre that Theatrefest has to offer.
George Chapman