Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015


The Jolly Oddities

The first thing that strikes you about 0.0 is the stripped back nature of the production. It sacrifices the more creative uses of lighting, music and stage props, but had these things been included it would only have served to dilute the rawness and authenticity of the two poems. The lighting is very basic, focused centre stage as each performer takes turns to deliver their emotive poem, the aim being two remove anything that might distract attention away on the two poetic stories being presented. The main theme that the show focuses on is parenthood, whether it be the desperate desire to bear a child or the intense heartache of losing one, with the second most pervasive idea being how the real world can alter such initially pure ambitions and only give so as to take away. Probably the best aspect of 0.0 is that the two uniquely tragic poems are based on real life experiences, the emotions playing out through facial expressions and body language as they recite are entirely genuine because they are opening their hearts to the viewers, talking about their lives when they were at their very worst. If you were unlucky enough to miss this intense and deeply moving production then donít worry, because the Jolly Oddities are eager to return next year with something equally brilliant, or even better if thatís possible.
George Chapman