Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

Fooligan: How To Be Happy

Ichinen Sanzen Productions

Fooligan: How To Be Happy is a sixty minute, purely improvised show that delivers every bit of the fun and hilarity that the title promises.

The introduction to the show was incredibly good - skilled performer, Eric Mutch, didn't need to spend the first five minutes building up a good comedic atmosphere with the audience - Fooligan has humour from the very start, before the premise has even been established.

The introduction to How To Be Happy blends very well into the main performance, creating a good pace from the offset and maintaining it throughout. One nice touch is the use of audience participation, particularly with members of the front row.

A unique feature of Fooligan was the method of the performer heckling his own show, using his criticism as material for his portrayal of a self-confessed fool. But the comedic aspects in this production share the limelight with a surprising amount of thought provoking content. With the discussion on political current events and rhetorical questions giving the show a depth it wouldn’t have otherwise had, Fooligan sets itself apart from the other performances in its genre.

To conclude, Fooligan: How To Be Happy was created not only to make its audience laugh, but to get them thinking about the dramas and comedies that play out in their daily lives. It achieves both these objectives with music, props and a wonderfully outrageous improv performance.
The Daily Fringe