Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015


Hugh McCann

Ensuite is a one man performance that is both unpredictable and very entertaining to watch.

Hugh McGann managed to engage his audience with a story that has some very interesting themes and explore the progression from a naÔve, almost innocent first impression of art, through the various twists and turns of life at university and into a finale that completes the story in a very satisfying way.

The humour of Ensuite was made all the more effective because it was unpredictable and didnít telegraph the punch-lines ahead of time, which would have lessened the comedic value of the performance. The lighting was also well thought through, changing the colours to reflect the changing mood of the piece without distracting from Hugh. The use of props was another facet that gives Ensuite its charm, whether it was being used to highlight the progression of the character or simply to get a few laughs from the audience, the addition of these items only added to its entertaining unpredictability.

Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen setback, a few elements of the performance had to be left out but will be included in later shows. Happily though, this means that as good as Ensuite already is, there are still some moments in the production that will only be enhanced for future shows. Just another very good reason to give this show a chance to impress.
The Daily Fringe