Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015


Dirty Mimes

You can be sure you have been to a good performance when your fellow audience members are already planning how to fit in a second viewing when they have not even left the building after the first!

Stuff is a highly energetic physical performance which is very expertly delivered by Sean Kempton. It is ultimately a performance about love. Only, I promise it will be like no love story you will have ever seen before! The use of sound and lighting is very clever. Such simple but effective props. However, it is most definitely Sean himself who makes the performance. His stage presence is incredibly strong. He engages with each and every audience member and absolutely kept us entertained for the full 60 minutes! Chaotic at times, but for me that was a definite plus. Clearly there was a well-rehearsed structure, yet at the same time he was able to accommodate his audience and I imagine that because of this, each and every performance will offer something slightly different. I had no idea what he would do next and that added to the enjoyment for me. I was made to laugh, really laugh by Sean’s comedic and larger-than-life performance and audience interaction.  Then, at other points, there was stillness, for example when our attention was drawn to the soundtrack. Never did my interest wane. This was truly a very skilled and well devised show which met its audience’s needs perfectly.

Sean Kempton is sure to be one of the festival favourites this year. I genuinely loved the show and cannot recommend it highly enough.
Jem Clancy, The Daily Review