Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

603 Miles

Cyclone Theatre

Two half brothers who are as similar as two strangers on the street - a successful business man who is more on the passive side of "passive aggressive", and the other a jobless divorcÚ with a spending habit - are forced back into each others lives on a trip to take their father's ashes back to the motherland, Ireland.

With limited money, and rules they have to stick to, these brothers take us through their journey - both physically and emotionally. The use of video allowed for the inclusion of several other characters, most importantly their father. The use of costume which allowed the duo to multi-role in a rather comical manner.

The creative set made up of blocks transformed each scene, allowing us to travel with them as they send their father out with "women, whiskey and song" without ever having to leave the room. A humorous and heart warming story.
Tasmin Sargeant, The Daily Fringe