Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

You All Know Me, I'm Jack Ruby

Clifford Barry

Jack Ruby is a man who knows who he is and what he stands for. Choices he made one Sunday morning changes this night club owners life entirely, when all he wanted was the best for "Jacky and the kids".

This captivating one-man performance, created through the style of verbatim, was not afraid to show the many sides of Ruby, including the friendly joker and the dominant, aggressive ex-boxer.

To Jack, his chosen name and the reputation that comes along with it are important, so when his motives are thrown into question and suggested to be something that they're not, he fights to have his voice heard whilst he begins to question his faith.

Clifford Barry utilized the small venue well, allowing the audience to experience the same emotions that his character is feeling, empathizing with Jack Ruby entirely as he takes us through his side of the story.
The Daily Fringe