Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

The world and the stuff what happened in it...

Autojeu Theatre

Have you ever wanted to travel through time and space? The world and the stuff what happened in itů now gives you that opportunity! A hilarious and unpredictable ride that takes you right from the creation to the end of the world. This performance is unique from anything I have seen before, as the contents of your journey through time and space is dictated by you. Whether you see robots in the future or travel to see something in the past that we can still visit today, the possibilities are endless.

Audience participation is not something everyone looks forward to, but it is in no way daunting in this performance due to the venue, the silliness of the performer and the hilarity of the performance.

The world started with a bang and we decided that it should go out with a whimper. Possibly a questionable choice, but I think that it was perfectly apt, it personified my feelings at the end because the performance had come to an end. When you have seen the beginning, the dinosaurs and the future, all whilst laughing, it makes it hard to leave the room.
Clarice Baker, The Daily Fringe