Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

The Fruits of Failure

Almost Human

Who was Lesley Roscoe?

In this documentary style direct address performance, Almost Human tell us exactly who Lesley Roscoe was, with devastating detail to his lack of fame and recognition for his work. The live narration is almost in the style of a comically critical David Attenborough, as we are taken on a highly digitalized journey though Roscoe’s life.

The performance was highly reliant on technology, and was very post-modern in its approach. They used cameras and projections to create images based on Roscoe’s “Fruit Pieces”. The use of technology was beautifully integrated into the performance, and had obviously taken a lot of work behind the scenes prior to the performance, and the work they had put in showed.

There was only one performer live on stage during the whole forty five minute performance, and I was very impressed with his timing and his ability to capture and hold the audience’s attention. The one issue that I found was that occasionally when he spoke at the same time as the recordings were playing, his voice was lost slightly, and I missed the occasional sentence. This did not damage the performance as a whole, however, as it was very easy to follow the story line.

Overall, it made for a very interesting and different experience. The use of extensive technology within the performance made it really stand out, and the overall tone of the performance was both interesting and highly entertaining.
The Daily Fringe