Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015


Almost Human

Using nothing but a set of headphones and an audio guide Together creates a wholly unique theatre experience for every audience member who partakes in it. The unorthodox methods used in the thirty minute production, makes its audience members the centre of an unfurling love story dedicated to Barnstaple, taking advantage of some of the more aesthetically pleasing areas to really enhance the story and help bring it to life. One thing that Together really excels at is conjuring up all of the excitement and strong emotions that can come from visiting Barnstaple for the first time, with each audience member on a unique guided tour. Another praise-worthy aspect of the experience is the voice of the architect, which is surprisingly charming and really adds a lot to the production, and the journey of each participant in general. One thing that didnít quite work so well was the interaction and dialogue aspects of the guided tour, because although it was well written and fitted with the rest of the production, it did detract from the immersion of the performance by having the audience briefly adopt a narrative that wasnít their own. But in spite of this solitary niggle, Almost Humanís Together is a very enjoyable, well thought out production that is truly unique and a great addition to this yearís Fringe Festival.
The Daily Fringe


If you like games, go and play "Together"! My advice would be to leave plenty of time to talk about your experiences afterwards, as you may want to know what everyone else saw, heard and did! As well as finding out more of the back story to each character.
Bryony Chave-Cox