Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 25th-28th 2015

The Elephant Dress

Antler & Feather

The elephant dress is the debut performance from Antler and Feather and is inspired by real life experiences of living with an eating disorder. This is a young company who I really thought showed great potential. The characterisation delivered by each of the three actors was incredibly strong. I believed in their performances and was engaged throughout.

There are some parts of this play that cover commonly understood aspects of anorexia, but what I liked is that the audience were given more. I did not expect to be made to smile, or laugh even, but I was. I felt it was a very real performance, both in its writing and in the and in its delivery. Clearly a lot of research has been done and what you see on the stage is not the devastating stereotype, nor does it trivialise the condition. I think what it does really well is capture the every day experience of an eating disorder.

The purpose of this performance was in part to promote awareness and address the stigma attached to eating disorders and mental illness. I personally think it does this very well, because it did capture the ‘real’. The script and staging challenged me to think about the subject in a different way. It was interesting to see Ana, or anorexia, as a person and have her exist as a very real presence on the stage. It genuinely made me reconsider what my assumptions are about eating disorders and how they affect the sufferer and their relationships with others. A very thought-provoking, poignant performance which deserves to be seen.
Jem Clancy, The Daily Fringe